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Dr. Hannah Garrett-Johnson

Go for the Gold!

Perhaps you have enjoyed watching the Winter Olympic Games, which just took place in Sochi, Russia. Even if you did not watch the Games, you may know that the summer-style Olympics go as far back as 776 B.C. What you many not know is that the early Olympics had a religious element to them, which…

Dr. Hannah Garrett-Johnson

Who Likes Jam?

You know, jam can be a good thing! I like peach jam, strawberry jam, and blackberry jam. At Christmastime, nearly every year some wonderful church member(s) will give me some of their homemade jam, and Michael and I really enjoy it. Or maybe you’ve heard our praise band jam. When our praise band practices for our 5:00 REACH…

Dr. Hannah Garrett-Johnson

There’s an App for That!

Well, no surprises here! No longer do you need to write out New Year’s resolutions. Nor do you need even discipline yourself to keep them. All you need to do is download an app for your smart phone or iPad! There are dozens – no, hundreds! – of options that allow you to choose from such goals as…

Dr. Hannah Garrett-Johnson

Whispers of Christmas*

Listen! Amidst all the busyness of life . . . In all the racket, all the clamor of conflicting priorities and demands . . . Above all the hubbub of distractions, Worries, concerns . . . Listen! Do you hear God’s whisper? It will calm your soul, bring peace to your heart, quiet your mind…

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