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Wedding cakeNorthbrook United Methodist Church welcomes the use of its facilities for the joyous occasion of Holy Matrimony. We provide a loving Christian environment for a meaningful worship celebration. Both members and non-members are welcome.

Non-members are invited to look at the sanctuary during regular office hours, (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday or 8:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Friday) or join us for worship on Sunday.

Appointments to reserve the use of the church facilities can be made at the church office (770-998-2000) or by contacting the Wedding Director at the number below.

As the beginning of a Christian Marriage we want to ensure that weddings are both reverent and beautiful events. To meet this end, the following policies have been established.

Initial Arrangements
An appointment to reserve the use of church facilities should be made at the earliest possible date. At this time the Wedding Information Sheet should be completed and a deposit of $200 made. This can be done at the church office. The date and time selected should be agreeable to the wedding party, the officiating minister, accompanying musicians and any others involved. The date will not be put on the church calendar until the information sheet is received and the deposit is made.

Non-member weddings cannot be booked more than six months in advance. Weddings will not be scheduled for non-members during the month of December.

It is assumed the Northbrook UMC Pastor will officiate unless she grants permission otherwise. If another minister is chosen by a non-member of Northbrook, a Northbrook representative will still need to be present and the fee will be set at $150.

All couples will be required to go through 4-6 weeks counseling sessions with The Care and Counseling Center of Georgia. The cost of the sessions are established by the center. For couples living out of town, acceptable alternatives may be approved by the Northbrook Pastor.

The music used in the ceremony should be appropriate for a sacred service, secular pop music is not considered appropriate. This is to be determined by the Music Minister with personal requests granted as is considered in good taste.

The organist of Northbrook will provide the music for the ceremony unless he or the Music Minister grants permission otherwise. Any additional soloists or instrumentalists must be approved by the Music Minister. It is the bride’s responsibility to coordinate these individuals.

Wedding Director
A Wedding Director chosen by the Pastor of Northbrook UMC will assist in all weddings. She will work with the wedding party even when an outside consultant is used and she will conduct the rehearsal and direct the wedding ceremony.

It is required that the bride be in contact with the Director at least 60 days in advance of the wedding and the rehearsal. It is the responsibility of the bride to make the contact with the Director. The name and number will be provided by the church office.

A rehearsal will be set at a time convenient to the principals involved. All members of the bridal party will be expected to attend and to be prompt. A maximum of one hour from the scheduled time will be allowed for the rehearsal.

Facility Guidelines
The following guidelines have been set up by me Worship Committee of Northbrook UMC. It is the responsibility of the bride to see that all outside participants follow the guidelines set by Northbrook.

  1. The florist selected should be familiar with general church wedding procedures. Time for setting up the sanctuary will be coordinated with the Wedding Director the week before the ceremony.
  2. No chancel furnishings are to be moved.
  3. The paraments on the altar table will be white and the candles and cross on the altar must remain. Flowers placed on the altar table are to be arranged in such a manner that they do not block the cross.
  4. No permanent fixtures are to be moved.
  5. No nails, tacks or pins may be used in decorating.
  6. Only drip less candles should be used and precautions taken that the floor is protected by drip cloths or drip dishes.
  7. No real flower petals may be used.
  8. No rice is to be used at all. Birdseed may be thrown outside (not on the patio).
  9. All decorations, flowers, etc., must be removed immediately following the ceremony.

As the church is a sacred place there will be no alcoholic beverages allowed in any form during the rehearsal, ceremony or reception or anywhere on the church property. Smoking is not allowed in any building interior.

No flash photos are to be taken during any part of the ceremony since this detracts from the religious nature of the service. Non-flash photos may be taken as long as it poses no distraction from the ceremony. The director has discretion over the use of cameras during the ceremony. All photographs involving members of the wedding party must be completed at least 40 minutes prior to the service. The wedding party may return to the Chancel after the ceremony for photographs. The wedding party should also advise guests of this policy. A video camera may be used but must remain stationary. Location will be determined by the director.

The Reception
There are facilities that may be available for a reception following the ceremony for church members. Separate fees and guidelines are in effect for use of these facilities. The church office will provide this information upon request.


  1. For fee schedule, contact the church office.
  2. There will be an additional $100 charge for any wedding scheduled for or after 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.
  3. In order for membership fees to apply, a person must be a member of the church for one year prior to putting the wedding on the church calendar.
  4. The remainder of any fees are payable two weeks prior to the wedding in the church office. Permission to use the facilities of the church is granted with the under-standing that the wedding party abides by the provisions in this policy guide. We, the members of Northbrook Church, extend our best wishes and offer any assistance needed for this happy occasion.
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